27 september, 2014

Extraktion av CBD olja

Här är en intressant artikel (på engelska) som handlar om extraktion av CBD olja. Det är intressant att läsa att vi är helt rätt ute när det gäller vår extraktionsmetod, som är för hand och med låg temperatur för att bevara alla aktiva ämnen som hampan innehåller.

Are you wondering what product to use in the jungle of CBD extracts? 
The best choice is probably between 1:1 to 1:4 (THC:CBD) but that’s not legal so lets turn to the legal hemp “CBD” market.
Right now most CBD products in the market place are extracted with superimposed CO2 because thats the fastest industrial manner available. But this process is nowhere clean or pure as people doing it want you to believe. In fact the opposite!
Naturalwonoil will never venture into the jungle of low and chemical and machine made CBD. I will  explain you why.
Imagine a juice factory making concentrates. This is what you know from the supermarket shelf as cheap juice produce of “concentrate”. A pressed fruit liquid is dried up until its powder and transported to another place where it is again added water. That’s why its lower quality. Because a lot of the nutrients in the juice is lost. If you want real fresh juice, it needs to be cooled if it is not to start fermentation and turn sugars into alcohols. In some juices manufacturers even add anti-fermentors like ascorbic- or citric acids.
Now the same more or less counts for processing hemp. But with CO2 extraction its possible that the remaining concentrate is even worse in quality. Why?
– An extreme pressure (70-80 bars) and cooling turns the CO2 gas into a liquid. But a liquid that in effect is super hot, say equivalent of 150-250 C. This combination of pressure and temperature removes cannabinoid complexity and terpenoids in the final product. The result? A “pure” concentrate, that maybe screaming “high CBD” – but has fewer medicinal properties. The product might be “clean” but only in the sense that it had most of the complexity removed that you wanted in the first place. Today the majority of major CBD brands even add artificial flavorings or terpenoids because whats left tastes “burnt”.
Remember the first Rick Simpson videos about curing cancer with hemp oil? Well Rick was using “artisanal” extraction methods – meaning by hand. And not hemp. But this is not new – that plant medicines are best done with care by hand, NOT in laboratories by machines.
To back that up, read: http://www.projectcbd.org/products/concentrates
The problem, is economies of scale – and well, for companies and people behind them, money. This incentive was never, ever a good motivator for making curing medicine.
Using machines, CBD costs are lowered 5-10 times that of hand extraction. Because 1000 kg hemp stems for example can be processed in one day. With hand it will take everything from 3-10 weeks depending on size of equipment, typically size of ovens or roasting facilities.
Im recording this because there’s little information out there what’s really going on behind the scenes in the CBD industry.
Let’s first get this straight:
Quality of concentrate does. Quality of plants. Quality and effort gone into extraction.
This is important: In theory you can just take more of a lower percentage concentrate to achieve same effect as the higher. But if lots of the medicinal properties are removed in the extraction process (which typically are never documented) – a higher concentrate doesn’t have “more” effect.
The search for “100% CBD” seems like done by people who lost track of the goal. The goal for Naturalwonoil is HIGHER QUALITY plant medicine. NOT just a higher percentage. That idea really belongs to the material age that produce all the deceases already.
In the industry right now, people are churning out seemingly higher concentrates due chemical processing. There’s also the random manipulation of data, and straight out false marketing.
Im writing this because the industry currently is unregulated. If we want it to stay true, we need to focus more on making good curative medicine, than harnessing scales of economy and %.
You can support this direction by your purchase to people who make CBd by hand, local producers, or even better doing it your self. We will post some introduction videos later this summer, even if youtube has plenty.

Här är en PDF om olika extraktionsmetoder som också visar att vår metod för extraktion är rätt!


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